What is Camlicious?

Camlicious is a new adult community focusing in webcam live streamings and adult virtual reality that is being built from the ground up to satisfy every fantasy craving by giving you more of what you are looking for.

What makes us better than the other sites?

In addition to live cam girls, our entire site is built to offer Virtual Reality 360° streaming with virtually zero latency. We also have a proper shop for members to purchase any content generated by our webcam models such as videos, photos, personal items and social media campaigns.

For webcam models that do well entertaining fans' personal requests for custom content, Camlicious is the place to be: we have a full section for members to ask for customized content! Webcam Models can go ahead and offer additional Phone Chat, Erotica and many other extras beyond the group and private shows. Models can also broadcast from any device and will be able to use our promotional tools to boost their profiles to get even more exposure.

How do the "Wishes" work?

Wishes is a tool for members to make public requests for custom adult content. Any registered member can publish a request and models can send them different proposals for the member to choose from.

What type of items are being offered in the online shop?

You can find anything from VR adult Videos, Picture Sets, Erotica Writings, Personal Items, Lingerie, Sex toys, Social Media Campaigns, Show bookings, etc.

Profile Pictures Guidelines

Please follow the rules listed below. Photos that violate the guideline will be denied and your account may be suspended. This applies to all members!

Photos must include yourself! You can appear fully covered, lingerie, underwear, bikini or nude photos.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Any photos that don't feature yourself.
  • Photos including other persons or minors (even if you´re in the picture).
  • Photos containing or depicting illegal content.
  • Duplicate photos.
  • Copyrighted photos from any other website or person.


How can I purchase credits?

If you want to top up your account simply click on the "Add Funds" button and choose a package of credits that best fits your needs. You will be then redirected to the secure payment gateway in order for you to choose your desired payment method.

Once the purchase has been made you will see your available balance on the top right.

Are payments secure?

Absolutely! All payments are handled through our agent Epoch and their name will appear on your credit card statement.

What if I just want to do a one-time purchase from the shop?

No problem at all! You can then select the item you want to purchase and check out immediately paying in one single transaction.

I have a promo code, how can I redeem it?

You can use it when you choose to purchase a package of credits or use it during checkout when you purchase an item from the shop. You´ll see the option to type in the code before being redirected to the secure payment gateway.

How can I ask models for custom content?

You have 2 options:

If there´s anything in particular you want to have from a specific model, you can go to their profile and click on the "Send Request" button in order to send them a personal request. Once the model receives it she can decline it, accept it or do a counter offer.

If you´re not looking for a specific model you can then use our "Wishes" section. Simply post your personal request there including a budget and a deadline and you will receive proposals from all interested models. You can then reject the proposals, accept several ones or do counter offers. Take into account you will have to pay for all accepted proposals.


Why should I become a Camlicious Webcam Model?

Because we are the only platform that has everything under the same roof! On our platform you can benefit from broadcasting using our user-friendly 360° software and by selling your videos, pics, personal items, phone numbers and even create social media campaigns all while promoting yourself. Our aim is to enhance the interaction between models and their fans by offering the most variety of services they would need with the less hassle possible.

How can I become a Camlicious Webcam Model?

Go to our registration page and sign up as a model. All you need to do is enter your information (nickname, email, password, name, address, etc.) and you will also be asked to provide proof of your identity so please have a scanned copy of your government-issued photo ID (both sides) ready and a picture of you holding your ID next to your face.

Once your application is submitted we will review it and send you an email when your account is approved.

Setting up your account is completely FREE!

Are couples and single male accounts allowed?

Unfortunately, we are currently taking single applications from women and transsexuals only.

Will my personal information be available to third parties?

No, your data will be kept strictly confidential. We will never pass it on to anyone else. We just need your information for internal control.

What information can other members see?

Members on our site will only see your nickname and whatever information you decide to publish on your profile (e.g. hair color, height, sexual orientation, etc.)

No one can see your real name and address!

What do I need to start working on Camlicious?

If you want to broadcast live all you will need is:

  • Computer or Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • An HD Webcam
  • High-Speed Upload Internet Connection
  • And of course a nice attitude!

If you also want to use our shop for you to sell your digital and physical items you would just need to register and submit your content on our shop.

How can I get paid?

You can choose to get paid weekly from any of our 4 payment methods: Paxum, Direct Deposit (US & Canada), Wire (all other Countries) OR Payoneer/FirstChoice Pay. 

What is the model payout percentage?

You will be getting 50% provision on cams and tips and 60% on all your shop items sales. No hidden fees!

How can I make more money on camlicious.com?

When you sign up you'll have your own individual (affiliate) link to start advertising your profile on social media, for example. If a new member joins our site through that link and begins viewing and purchasing time on your cam you´ll get an extra 10% commission since you are the one that brought that new customer. If it is a new model, you will be getting extra $25 when she receives her first payout.

Does Camlicious have Geo-Block?

Yes we do! Geo Block is a function for you to block specific states or countries.

Can I broadcast with other models?

Yes, as long as you are both registered on our site.

How can I sell digital items?

If you want to sell adult videos, picture sets, erotica writings, etc. you can upload them directly in your account and you will need to provide a title, description and a price for each item. Please note that if in case there is another Actor/Actress in your content, you will also need to upload a government-issued photo ID for them.

How can I sell physical items?

In case you´re interested in selling a physical item (e.g. sex toys, costumes, shoes, etc.) you will need to upload in our shop 5 preview pics of the item you want to sell and provide a title, a detailed description of the item and a price.

How can I ship a physical item that was sold?

When someone buys an item from you, you will see in your Order Status who bought it and the shipment address they gave in for you to ship it. You will then be asked to provide a shipment cost based on the dimensions of the package you will send, the postal service to be used and the address of the member who bought it.

If the member accepts your shipment cost you can go to the postal service to ship it using tracking delivery. You will be asked to provide the tracking number and post serviced used in our system in order for the transaction to go through.

When will my items be delivered?

In case your sale was a digital item it will be automatically marked as "Delivered" and you will see the sales reflected in your earnings section that same day of the sale.

If it was a digital item, the member has to mark it as delivered when he receives it and then you will see the sale reflected in your earnings section. You can also track your package down to see if it has been delivered or not and notify the member.

Can I see who bought my items?

Yes, in your earnings section you can see exactly the names of the members that bought something from you.

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